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Body Respect: An interview with Drs. Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor

Anyone interested in health, weight, and wellness will find value in Lucy Aphramor and Linda Bacon’s new book: Body Respect:  What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight. Whether you are already … Continue reading

17. September 2014 by Dr. Deah
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Trigger warning for:  Just about everything that may cause you to want to pull a trigger, or trigger feelings about body issues.      FREEZE! (it’s the fat) POLICE!!! I was driving off to my beloved Lake Merritt to meet with … Continue reading

05. December 2013 by Dr. Deah
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Status Quotes

“Recovering from my family vacation.” “If I could remember your name I’d ask you where I left my car keys.” “Could you speak up? My son’s a bassist!” Before there were Facebook status updates there were T-shirt status updates.  I … Continue reading

03. June 2012 by Dr. Deah
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Fits and Starts

Fit Now there’s a helluva word.  Think about it…how could one itty bitty word elicit such a broad spectrum of feelings, images, and associations? Throwing a fit If the shoe fits Misfit The perfect fit Fit for life Fit to … Continue reading

20. May 2012 by Dr. Deah
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Weight of the Notion

On May 7th, while still basking in the afterglow of International No Diet Day, The New York Times published a series of opinion pieces called Women, Weight, and Wellness that stirred up a great deal of discussion, debate, and commentary … Continue reading

10. May 2012 by Dr. Deah
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I would ask you to close your eyes, but then you couldn’t keep reading and that would be awkward.   So, imagine you are closing your eyes and think of a time when you felt completely in sync with your surroundings; … Continue reading

11. October 2011 by Dr. Deah
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Lose the Double Standard

There are many terms for it; I choose to say that I am a reformed dieter. This means I no longer embark on diets or join programs designed for weight loss.  My reasons for this are many and my decision … Continue reading

07. October 2011 by Dr. Deah
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News Flash! Did You Hear The Beatles Broke Up?

The brain is a mysterious, complex and marvelous thing. No News there. The ability to selectively remember some things and conveniently forget another is astounding! No News there. When one rules out any organic etiology/causes for forgetfulness e.g. dementia, traumatic … Continue reading

01. July 2011 by Dr. Deah
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I found out I was fat in fourth grade when my neighbor’s uncle told me I had legs like a man. That was also the year everyone was wearing leotard sets-tight fitting shorts, pants and tops that came in horizontal … Continue reading

26. June 2011 by Dr. Deah
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