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Day 3 NEDA Week: Count Your Blah Blahssings Baby!!

If you are like most people, you thrive on positive reinforcement and disintegrate just a bit each time you are shamed or told you are wrong. So why do we give our power over to negative reinforcements like scales, diet … Continue reading

25. February 2014 by Dr. Deah
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Cereal Killer

This is the first of two pieces I am writing in honor of the NOW Foundation’s 15th annual Love Your Body Day taking place on Oct. 17th. If you are interested in participating in a NOW fundraiser in honor of … Continue reading

06. October 2012 by Dr. Deah
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News Flash! Did You Hear The Beatles Broke Up?

The brain is a mysterious, complex and marvelous thing. No News there. The ability to selectively remember some things and conveniently forget another is astounding! No News there. When one rules out any organic etiology/causes for forgetfulness e.g. dementia, traumatic … Continue reading

01. July 2011 by Dr. Deah
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My Scale is NOT the Boss of Me!

I was 8 months pregnant and had gained 55 pounds so far. I went for my check up and my doctor, said to me, “Deah Schwartz, WE don’t have 50 pound weight gains in THIS practice.” I looked at him, … Continue reading

26. June 2011 by Dr. Deah
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