I have been professionally involved in the field of Size Acceptance and Body Image since the 1980's and personally involved since childhood.  The fact that there is still so much work to do to help prevent eating disorders and battle the discrimination and bullying towards any population that does not fit into society's standards for beauty, can be discouraging at times.  What I do find hopeful, however, is that the list of people working in the field of Health at Every Size® and Size Acceptance is growing; and with it, my resource list is constantly expanding as well. I am all about community and believe the support we can give each other by sharing resources is enormously important.  Here are some of the wonderful folks I have met along the way.  If you know anyone you think I should add, please email me the information at and I will include them.  Please remember though, this is not a resource for diet books or weight loss methods and I don't receive any financial compensations for the people and organizations I list on this page. Eventually I will organize this page a tad more efficiently!  Ah if there were more time in the day! APTED:  The Association for Professionals Treating Eating Disorders: Is an organization of private practitioners of a variety of disciplines involved in treating people with eating disorders. ASDAH:  The Association of Size Diversity and Health is a wonderful organization for size acceptance and a gold mine of resources and support for anyone interested in the HAES(r) approach to life. Andrea's Voice Foundation: Transforming perspectives…one person at a time.  Doris Smeltzer, president of AVF, offers a website with her blog, “A Joyful Journey” and numerous resources/support for eating disorders and related topics.  Doris is also author of Andrea's Voice: Silenced by Bulimia (Gurze Books, 2006) and a contributor to Gurze Books Blog "Advice for Parents" Alicia Racine:  Sexy, Delicious, Healthy   I met Alicia at the Renfrew Conference and loved the work she is doing to help people learn to love themselves. Andrew Whalen, is a social worker and director of the Body Image Center, an outpatient program in Baltimore MD. for eating disorders. Art Therapy Blog- A website all about Art Therapy and filled with Art Therapy resources and directives. Big Fat Blog:  Big Fat Blog - BFB for short - was founded in August, 2000 by Paul McAleer and has its roots in size discrimination research he did in college.  It is a site devoted to fat acceptance:  "We publicize and comment on issues that affect social justice for fat people" Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) was founded to help those who have binge eating disorder, their friends and family, and those who treat the disorder." The Body Positive The title speaks for itself, a Berkeley based organization that offers programs to  make change in individual and societal b Dances With Fat-A wonderful blog by Ragen Chastain, yes even "fat girls can dance!" Dual Diagnoses:  Eating Disorders and Drug Resources:  This is a great page for folks struggling with a dual diagnosis of drugs and eating disorders. Eating Disorders Recovery Support Inc.  (EDRS) provides funding for treatment and education to people with eating disorders who can not afford it. An invaluable non-profit organization in Northern California they have an annual fundraising conference with an incredible line up of speakers. Eating Disorders Online and Support Groups- A wealth of resources and a syndicator of Dr. Deah's Blog, Tasty Morsels. Ellen Shuman:  A Weigh Out Freedom from Emotional Eating and Weight Obsession.  According to H-ealth at Every Size® Coach Ellen Shuman, "When embracing “life after dieting and body dissatisfaction”, sometimes there’s still work to be done around learning how to create and sustain emotional, physical, nutritional, and spiritual health, day-to-day.  Get practical Tools, an online Community, and/or private coaching with EK Daufin:  Has a vibrant blog site that speaks stridently about fat activism.  Check out Daufination! Evolved Eating:  Resources re: Mindful Eating is Susan Weiss Berry's  organization whose slogan is, "A unique, gentle Holistic Process that frees you from struggling over WHAT YOU EAT by teaching you HOW TO EAT.  We provide individualized TOOLS NOT RULES: The Fat Chick, Jeanette De Patie:  Every BODY can exercise.  Great Blog, Great Speaker and Great Website. Fat and Not Afraid -A grand blog by Jen Rowe Health at Every Size (HAES) Size Acceptance Resources, Support and TAKE THE PLEDGE! Jessica Wilson: is a Registered Dietitian with an MS degree in human physiology who provides nutrition care with a HAES(r) focus in her private practice. Linda Bacon's Books : Health at Every Size and her book co authored with Lucy Aphramore, Body Respect: Challenges and debunks the prevailing belief that all fat people are unhealthy and that dieting is the super highway to health and happiness. Lynne Martin R.D. and Sabine Haake M.A.R.D. are Registered Dietitians who use a non-dieting HAES(sm) friendly approach to treating eating disorders and establishing healthy relationships with food.   Lynne's website is:  SF Bay Beyond Dieting and Sabine's website is:  Isn't it wonderful to have choices!? Please check it out Margarita Tartakovsky's wonderful blog, Weightless on the site Psych Central  Weightless focuses on helping women improve their body image by providing tips, expert interviews and more. Dr. Maria Paredes is doing great work with Body Politics. Check out her Facebook Page! Mental Fitness Inc.   formerly known as Normal In Schools: A non-profit organization that employs the arts as an avenue for combating the devastating effects of eating disorders and offers students ways to appreciate the diversity of sizes and shapes. More of Me to Love: More of Me to Love is an online community that strives to help people achieve healthier and happier lives through simple yet effective nutrition, mental wellness and fitness habits - and for FREE! You can also find Dr. Deah's blog, Tasty Morsels on their site! National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance - NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Pearlsong Press publishes novels with big beautiful heroines (and some big handsome heroes) as well as nonfiction like 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are) by Pat Ballard and other Size and Self Acceptance Related literature. People of Size: Is a wonderful website with a blog, forum, articles, store all devoted to advocating for People of Size. Something Fishy: Resources for people with Eating Disorders and their loved ones. Tara MacGregor: Practice Pavestones: A fantastic newsletter and practice in Australia. Jovonna Wli:  Jovonna's website is provocative, sexy, and focused on finding ways for loving your body in this crazy mixed up world.


Yoga as a form of relaxation and pleasurable healthy body movement is gaining popularity.  Along with that is the availability of more Yoga Instructors offering classes to people of all sizes and shapes.  Here are a few that I know of.  If you know of any others, please send me their, or your, links and I will add them!

Anna Guest Jelley:

Anna Ipox:

Kimber Simpkins:

Yoga for the Larger Woman:

Chelsea Roff:  A woman in recovery from an Eating Disorder who integrates Yoga with Improving Body Image.

Julie Norman:

Body Positive Yoga -  Low-pressure, judgment-free yoga for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners. Follow Amber Karnes in her discoveries, struggles, reflections, and breakthroughs in the journey of making peace with her body through yoga and helping others to do the same. You'll also find tips, tricks, and modifications to make yoga work for your unique bodies, instead of trying to squish yourself into a pose.

Harmony Center for Holistic Psychotherapy.  Dr. Lisa Breisch 6625 N. 2nd Street, Loves Park, Illinois

Sally Pugh: Expanding into fullness.  Yoga for larger women. 

Many folks with eating disorders have a second diagnoses of substance abuse.  If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction here is a good resource.