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Love Your Body Day

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Dr. Deah

Today is the 15th annual Love Your Body Day, a campaign started by N.O. W. (The National Organization of Women). In Dr. Deah's Hollywood every day would be LYBD, but starting with one day is a great idea. Join me in taking one day off from negative thoughts about your miraculous body and indulging in some self-appreciation!  Here is a wonderful collection of blogs written by a variety of writers for About Curves' fundraiser for N.O.W.  Enjoy!   And check out the efforts of Professor Deborah Christel at West Virgina University!  http://www.wboy.com/story/19825206/diversity-week-begins-at-west-virginia-university    

Dr. Deah's Shameless Self-Promotion Corner:

I am honored to be one of the contributing authors in Virgie Tovar's new book, Hot and Heavy:  Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love, and Fashion and to be reading my piece at The Booksmith Bookstore in San Francisco on Thursday, November 8th.  For more details CLICK HERE. I was just nominated for a 2012 WEGO Health Activist Award with @wegohealth! The Health Activist Awards recognize leaders in the online health community who make a difference in the lives of patients (and loved ones) everywhere. If you would like to vote for me or nominate someone else go to: http://info.wegohealth.com/health-activist-awards-2012 I have been asked by the most amazing Ragen Chastain to be available as a contact person for the Change.org petition that Ragen initiated protesting the whittling down of Minnie Mouse and the deleterious effects and harmful message it is sending to children.  If you have not yet signed the petition please CLICK HERE. For those of you who are members of Ellen Shuman's A Weigh Out Program MY teleseminar with Ellen is now available!  A 45 minute interview where Ellen and I discuss a life free from compulsive and binge eating, dieting, and body hate.  If you are not a member, you may sign up for a free 3 week trial.  I did not receive any financial compensation for spreading the word about Ms Shuman's program but I love her work and the interview we did was a kick!  And it turns out that she and I were in the SAME HOMEROOM in High School!  What are the odds??? Do I sound like Al Franken??   Til next time!

About Dr. Deah

Dr. Deah Schwartz, clinician, educator, and author specializes in Expressive Arts Therapies, Eating Disorders, and Body Image. Deah is the author of Dr. Deah's Calmanac: Your Interactive Monthly Guide for Cultivating a Positive Body Image and co-author of the NAAFA award winning Off-Broadway Play, Leftovers, and its companion DVD/Workbook Set. An outspoken “New Yawker,” Dr. Deah believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to point out and eliminate size discrimination even when it means battling the mainstream media, and even more challenging...family members! To find out more about Dr. Deah’s work or to book a session visit her website at www.drdeah.com

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