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Posted on November 15, 2013 by Dr. Deah

For those of you keeping track, my last two blog posts were posted on other blog sites.  I would love to share these articles with you as they are filled with pertinent and poignant HAES® information: If you go to the Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) blog site, you will see the interview I conducted with Nan Feyler as part of ASDAH's Building Bridges Series.  This series is designed to facilitate communication between HAES/Size Diversity/Fat Acceptance groups, orgs. and communities with people and orgs. who are either unaware of Health at Every Size paradigm or who vehemently believe that there is little merit in adopting a different point of view re: obesity and health.  CLICK HERE for that provocative and surprisingly uncontentious interview that I conducted with Ms Feyler, from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. The other article is one on F@ Activism and can be found on the Fierce Freethinking Fatties website.  It addresses the importance of not forgetting the activists who paved the way for the fabulous new F@ Activists who are taking on the cause as some of us older folks are doing just a tad less than we were when we were in our 20's!  CLICK HERE to read that piece.

Dr. Deah's Refrigerator Magnet

And lastly, I have launched my own version of Kick Starter!  If you go to the shop page on my website www.drdeah.com, you wil see bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets for sale.  The proceeds will go to help launch my new book, Dr. Deah's Calmanac:  Your interactive monthly guide for cultivating a positive body image.
Dr. Deah's Bumper Sticker

Dr. Deah's Bumper Sticker

Til Next Time! Warmly, Dr. Deah  

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Dr. Deah Schwartz, clinician, educator, and author specializes in Expressive Arts Therapies, Eating Disorders, and Body Image. Deah is the author of Dr. Deah's Calmanac: Your Interactive Monthly Guide for Cultivating a Positive Body Image and co-author of the NAAFA award winning Off-Broadway Play, Leftovers, and its companion DVD/Workbook Set. An outspoken “New Yawker,” Dr. Deah believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to point out and eliminate size discrimination even when it means battling the mainstream media, and even more challenging...family members! To find out more about Dr. Deah’s work or to book a session visit her website at www.drdeah.com

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