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  1. Happy NewcYear!

    Alan s Mother

  2. Hi there, really impressed with your website and work. in the spirit of sharing and learning from someone who has being involved with body confidence for so long I wonder what you think of a project I have set up. Would love to know your thoughts and comments. Pete

    • Peter, I just looked at your website and the work u are doing re body image and the media is compelling and important. Thank you for sharing your information with me. I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas in the future.

  3. Loved this article! thanks for the info!!

  4. Dr. Deah- T.Y. for reposting the 2012 blog about August effect. I took copious notes, and will post them near my computer.

    And, I’ll see if I can ID a transitional object or activity.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Dr. Deah,

    I am an Art Therapist working in a Residential Treatment Center for people with Eating Disorders. Our current modality is an evidenced-based, CBT/ERP model. I would like to introduce art-based body image work, including body tracing, into our program. I am getting some resistance because I am having difficulty supporting the “evidence” for doing art-based body image work especially tracings. Do you know of any studies that would help my cause?

    • Hi Mike, It is painful that in 2017 art therapy and other arts based therapies are still fighting for their place in treatment programs. The efficacy needs to be researched and documented thoroughly by professionals in order to prove the value of these interventions. I believe the the Art Therapy Association and other professional orgs. Have resources that would help you plead your case. I would also contact the art therapy programs at universities and colleges e.g. College of Notre Dame, for the most current research. If I come across anything pertinent I will send it to you. In the meantime keep up the good fight! I have thirty years of clinical experience that leaves me no doubt that The expressive arts therapies are integral components in healing.

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  7. I live in Australia. Wondering if you ship your products to Australia and what would be the shipping cost. Thanks for getting back to me.

    • Hi Amy, if you are interested in The Calmanac book, that is available via Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and I’m pretty sure folks in Australia have purchased it. The Leftovers materials are, unfortunately, not available. The shipping costs are exorbitant. Thanks for your inquiry!

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