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Dr. Deah ja Vu (6)

DEJA POO:  THE FEELING YOU HAVE HEARD THIS CRAP BEFORE! If you are having that strange feeling that you have been here before, worry not…there is a very good likelihood that you have!  Every January, for the past 6 years … Continue reading

14. January 2016 by Dr. Deah
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Eating Disorders Recovery Support: It’s Not sELFish to Ask for Help

I am reluctant to use my blog for sELF-promotion.  Sure, I always include links to where to buy my book, it is an author’s obligation these days to market their books in any way possible.  But rarely do I use … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by Dr. Deah
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Twenty Years.  TWENTY Years.  Two Decades.  A Score.  An infamous date in the life of Sgt. Pepper and his band. The amount of time I lived before College Graduation.  (Your math is fine, I graduated early).  The amount of time … Continue reading

19. January 2013 by Dr. Deah
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Let’s Talk Turkey (Crosspost to the FFF Website)

I know I know two blogs from me two days in a row…I promise there won’t be another one for a couple of weeks now! But indulgence is part of the theme of this time of year, so please indulge … Continue reading

22. November 2012 by Dr. Deah
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Cereal Killer

This is the first of two pieces I am writing in honor of the NOW Foundation’s 15th annual Love Your Body Day taking place on Oct. 17th. If you are interested in participating in a NOW fundraiser in honor of … Continue reading

06. October 2012 by Dr. Deah
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Mother May I?

Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps it is because I called my mother, Ma, but the first two letters of the month reminds me that MAy brings us Mother’s Day.  Despite the fact that some folks tout this as a … Continue reading

24. April 2012 by Dr. Deah
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Comfort Food

TRIGGER WARNING: Food is described in delectable detail in this post.  Shana Tovah! I have to write about food.  This week is the Jewish New Year, I’m from New “Yawk,” therefore, I have to “tawk” about food. I’m not going … Continue reading

30. September 2011 by Dr. Deah
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