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BUZZ OFF: Part Two of Tackling the Buzz Kill!

This is the second part of a three part series on one approach to treating the clinical diagnosis of Beeinurbonnettopathy (soon to be included in the DSMXXXV).  If you didn’t read part one you may want to do so by … Continue reading

21. January 2015 by Dr. Deah
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Practice Practice Practice!

Trigger Warning:  Discussion of Eating Disorders and Halloween Candy   None of us were born with a negative body image nor did it develop over night. So assuming we can instantaneously fix it just because we decide  to feel better … Continue reading

24. October 2013 by Dr. Deah
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Dr. Deah’s Guilt Free Diet

Yes you read that correctly.  I am promoting a restrictive diet and I am inviting you to join me in my Guilt Loss Program. One of the comments I hear frequently in my work is some version of: “I really … Continue reading

20. November 2011 by Dr. Deah
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